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Tokenization as a service

One-Stop tokenization Infrastructure for your digital and physical assets

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Web 3.0 Solution for Brands

Tokenize your digital assets and leverage the power of Web 3.0 from your existing apps and websites

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Personal NFT storefront for influencers and celebrities

Mint your videos, images, and art as NFT and sell them to your fans. Create loyalty program for NFT holders

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NFT launchpad for Game Developers

Let us manage the backend infrastructure while you focus on your game logic.

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Your DAO launchpad

Launch and manage your decentralized autonomous organization, issue Web 3.0 membership through your own crypto token and NFTs

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Tokenisation for Events

Stop counterfeit of event tickets by tokenizing it on the blockchain of your choice

Integrate our SDK or use api to enable tokenization from your existing infrastructure.

Tokenization for school and colleges

Issue certificates and degrees on blockchain.

Tokenization for Organization

Issue certificates, badges, and experience letters on the blockchain, providing a secure and reliable way to verify the authenticity of these credentials.

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