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Fungible tokens and Tokenomics

Our solution offers a comprehensive approach to tokenomics, allowing you to create a customized reward system that aligns with your game's unique economy.

Elevate your game's economy and reward system with our fungible tokens and tokenomics solution.

Semi - Custodial Wallet

Integrate our web 3 wallet into any web 2 app with minimal code.

Our wallet service is seamlessly integrated into your platform, allowing your users to stay on your website while managing their funds and in game assets.

Integrate marketplace / storefront in your web 2 applicaiton.

Our platform offers a flexible marketplace and storefront solution for selling digital assets.

Our Marketplace and storefront templates can be personalized to fit your needs.

Brand’s NFT integration

With our SDKs/APIs, you can integrate your gaming character with any brand's NFTs.

This will help you generate new revenue streams and uniquely engage your audience.

Community Management

Elevate your community engagement with our exclusive rewards programs, airdrops, and giveaways.

Join us now to incentivize users and cultivate strong relationships while simplifying the reward distribution process.

Elevate Your Game with Our Ready-to-Use SDKs and APIs.

With our ready-to-use SDKs and APIs, you can quickly and seamlessly add following features to your games, providing your players with new and exciting gameplay experiences.


Organize exciting, competitive events for players of your game or website. Our Tournaments feature allows you to create one-time or recurring events, set specific requirements for participation, and offer rewards or prizes to winners.

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Add challenges to your games to provide players with new and exciting gameplay experiences. With our Challenges feature, you can set up challenges with specific requirements, such as completing a task within a certain time frame, and reward players with in-game items or points.

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Game Pass

Offer premium content or features to your players for a fee with a Game Pass. Our Game Pass feature allows players to purchase access to exclusive content or features, such as additional levels or in-game items.

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Allow your players to create personalized profiles to showcase their achievements and connect with other players. Our Profiles feature includes customizable options such as a player's username, avatar, and statistics.

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Implement a leaderboard to showcase the top players in your game based on specific metrics, such as points or achievements. Our Leaderboards feature can be displayed on your game's interface and incentivizes players to compete and improve their performance.

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