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Digital Twin of your Product

Create digital twin of your product which is compatible in Metaverse, our solution offers full compatibility with Metaverse, ensuring that your digital twin is seamlessly integrated in Shopify and magento.

Integrate WEB 3.0 into e-Commerce platforms

Our solution can be easily added to a brand's existing e-commerce platform and CRM.

Loyalty program and token gating on your website.

Our solution creates a token-gated section on the brand's website for exclusive product access and loyalty programs.

The token-gated section is only accessible to users who hold the brand's NFTs.

Wallet as a service

Integrate web 3 wallet into any web 2 app with minimal code.

Our wallet service is seamlessly integrated into your platform, allowing your users to stay on your website while managing their funds and assets

Metaverse Support

Display NFT collections as dynamic, interactive experiences that captivate audiences.

Our Metaverse support enables your brand's NFTs to be utilized in a variety of Metaverse , creating new opportunities and utilities for your products.

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